Our Mission

We are dedicated to inspire people around the world to become closer to God, The Almighty Father,
through our Music Ministry.

Our Ministry consists of Christian artists spreading the word or their testimonials, praises, etc. through their music (original or cover songs).

Our ministry began by writing, recording, copyrighting and producing under our label SIX KINGS MUSIC MINISTRIES (SKMM). The first album called HOLD ON TO GOD, by Joyce Sirois and Eternal Life, contains all original material.

Any Christian artist looking for information about creating a demo of their song(s), copyrighted first, please contact us.

We offer any Christian artist a reciprocal link from our website to theirs.


Brian R. Sirois
President and CEO of Six Kings Music Ministries

P.S. Please, help us keep the music flowing and praising his name (Jesus), simply click on the Donate button.

Joyce Sirois
Vice President
Brian R. Sirois
President / CEO

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